Multiple Facets of The Same Diamond/Love Song

Multiple Facets of The Same Diamond

Writing this song was a journey through Dylan’s dimension. Deciphering the bits and pieces of a drug trip and a feeling he scribbled down when in some form of lucid dream. We weren’t that keen on decoding this cryptic message but after his insistence on working this song out we quickly realised it was a special tune that was very much a sticky trip with everything you could expect from us. Couple pints at the local and we hit it home. Upon playing the finished tune back to Dylan he was moved in a way I don’t see that often. This song means something else to him and I’m not sure we’ll ever really know the full extent of that.

Love Song

The Sticky studio in Marrickville has been very good to us over the years. Especially over lockdown. A constant rotating cast of freaks, geeks, ’n weirdos. Everyone from Huskii to Hayley Mary, all desperate to break free the house. It really became the place to be in lieu of fuck all happening on the street I guess. It aint the fanciest studio you’ve stepped foot in and it stinks like an old pub but that’s all part the charm.

On a quieter night down there Seamus and I were drinking copious amounts of this appalling vodka that tasted suspiciously like hand sanitiser. Later on the way home I asked Taras if I could stand up on his motorbike. He said no but I did it anyway. As a result he pulled over at a pettie station and kicked me off. We didn’t make music for a lil while after that, fortunately we wrote a pearler earlier that night …

Seamus wanted to make a driving upbeat number in the style of The War On Drugs. For anyone who hasn’t listened to their album ‘Lost in the Dream’ it is most excellent for relaxing. Anyways, we got to making the song and we pulled a classic Sticky manoeuvre. We get the music sounding all dandy alongside lyrics several shades darker. Bit of the old yin and yang …

Taras later stripped back all of the bombastic rhythm section and synths. Leaving Dylan’ vocal naked with only an acoustic to hold on to. As a result Love Song is easily the saddest Sticky Fingers song ever written. I feel myself almost tearing up every time I listen to it. I don’t think it’ll never not have that effect on me.