Dylan had disappeared for a few days. None the mind. We had some rare spare time and Amsterdam was new to us all. The people are lovely and the drugs even better. We had no trouble making friends and settling in.

I woke up on the floor of a new friends house. My eyes slowly adjusted as I realise Dylan standing over me.

‘What do you reckon?’

Diz lifted his shirt to reveal fresh ink across his belly.


He analysed my facial reactions closely.

‘You don’t like it.’
‘Nah bro I love it.’

‘No you don’t.’

‘Yes I do. I love it because it’s a part of you.’

Diz was satisfied with that. He was right though. I hated it. Ugly as all hell. I’d later come round to it …

‘Lekker’ is Dutch for ‘tasty’. When you find yourself in the Netherlands you hear it a lot. It’s equivalent to saying ‘ye cool’ or ‘sssiiiicccckkk’ … ‘llleeeekkkeeerrrr’.

Word got round about the ‘Aussie frontman’ who got the lekker ink across his belly. It was one of the first parts of our story over there that got us known as a band. So we gotta thank Diz for his belly.

Lekkerboy was one of the first songs Dylan and I wrote for album five out of his garage and it’s an easy favourite. Fulla attitude, remorse, and an agonising lust for life. Rip it like a chainsaw motherfuk. Lekker.