Lekkerboy – Available Now


My thoughts?…Every album forces reflection on the journey we have been on. Even when the world stops our story keeps unravelling and we’re good at capturing that story. Lekkerboy is open to your own interpretation and the poetry is left for the taking…But for me this album is raw and already feels nostalgic – It’s fucking big and full of heart. After being starved from performing live we are all so ready to share Lekkerboy with you.   I am immensely proud of this album. Forever grateful I am part of this with my brothers.


Picture this: Your good friends call you up and say “hey, remember when we did Stickies albums years ago and youd come and write the whole time. You wanna do that again?” What am I going to say? No?! Of course not, Im not a crazy person. Like lets be real, I am definitely going to write songs with my good friends, and put them out, and have all you fans listen to them. But will you love the songs? Well thats scary, cuz you might not. But its not scary enough, because one thing the Sticky boys know how to do is keep someone well fed. Any writing session that happens I KNOW FOR A FACT theyre going to order some delightful treats to snack on. So like I said, be dumb of me not to do it. Anyway, I did it for a few weeks, which turned into a few months, which turned into pretty much 2 entire years of work. Writing, producing, recording, bloody so much editing and bouncing. Was it worth it? 
Well lets just say I was adequately fed. 
Now I’m slightly overweight, but I’ll lose it soon, from being so damn proud and happy on this bloody good album we’ve created. Lots of love everyone xo


2020 was a year that rocked the world for all the wrong reasons. For the first time in thirteen years the band were isolated from each other and not just because of lockdowns. 
Diz was living down south in the mountains of Wollongong, Seamus and Paddy were pampering their penises in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and Beaks and I searched for a new life in working class Central Coast. Weirdly, it was this threat of eternal confinement that made us hungrier than ever to make it hot in the studio. 
We grabbed our crap and set out for Dizza’s place. None of us had any goals in mind other than to just hang out again like old times. Living by that mantra alone was enough to produce all the real crackas that eventually popped out!
Lupo the Wolf, Multiple Facets and Lekkerboy were written and demoed over one weekend. While World Glow and My Rush were completed over the next. 
Our closest pal Taras was warming the desk plus taking on the top job of producer since our usual skipper Dann Hume, was too busy building churches in Wales. 
The addiction issues of the band provided an extra hurdle, but it never fully kept us down. The momentum was too strong and the resulting recording sessions at the Grove further affirmed how massive all these songs actually were. 
Lekkerboy is our biggest and longest album yet which I know fans have been gaggin for. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved and I can’t wait to take it to the world. It’s time to bop! 


How dark does a rabbit hole go?
Locked away with no road or show, we turned elsewhere for inspiration. What started as a quick recording of acoustic tracks quickly turned into something much more. But that foundation of acoustic music carried through and allowed us to arrive sonically at a destination we didn’t push for, but found. Two and a half years or something later, here we are with the album, LEKKERBOY, our longest and most ambitious body of work with songs written in twenty minutes intertwining with songs that have taken a decade to finish. Old and new together. You never know when you only have one run around the sun left. I’m Seamus, I rock.