Crooked Eyes

Crooked Eyes by Dylan James Dean Frost:
I started recording Crooked Eyes by myself but I was shithouse with using software such as Fruity Loops and GarageBand…so I’d go back and forward playing it live then trying to make the melting computer work. For some reason that day “computer said no”. I guess that’s where Rage Against the Machine gets their name from? I remember one day Seamus rockin over in these tight little red hot shorts and me and Paddy were there…I think the other boys might have been there but I can’t remember. I would usually wake up and there would be randoms under the house or on the floor…everywhere and asking “you got a ciggy bro” in American accents, UK accents sometimes even languages I’d never fucking heard before.
Anyways … we’ve tried to crack this song multiple times throughout our career and have never nailed it. Until now. There are some shitty recorded versions, there are also some recorded versions which are too fucking tidy and not rough enough around the edges. I started writing the verses when I moved down south of Sydney and the song then become very personal due to my drug addictions and nifty mind sets. To be completely honest this song really is from the heart due to some pretty serious shit that has happened but also a toast to all of that shit that we were able to get over which felt soul replenishing. Once again this song wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the whole Sticky family. It’s about our struggles and also the love we share for each other and our good times…you know, the usual shit.
– Written by Dizza