Brissy Show

We got a real real special show we just announced in Brisbane on August 5th…cause we were gunna do Bluesfest then we were maybe not going to do it then it was all good and we were doing it then we were told we’re not doing it so that’s that and not much more to say on it eh. We move on. Do appreciate all da kind notes n chatter around us 5 boys from everyone that reached out. Anyway, we’re going to do a ripper at Riverstage again. We wanted to try and do something in the area of Bluesfest and everyones frothing for it up there so its as close as we could get. We’ll have some great bands on the show n we going to donate a whack of money to some great charities and some great rehabs that have helped us out in the past. Tixs on sale now for that one. Get em while ya can.